Welcome to HWC

Handled With Care (HWC) was shaped following many years of enjoyment creating natural gifts for myself, friends and family.

Having established early on in my life a preference and inquisitive mind for biological science and natural health choices, the philosophy for HWC products developed – my natural body products are all natural, no artificial preservatives,  ‘nasties-free’, organic where possible, and made in small, fresh batches. The entire range of products is proudly made in Christchurch, New Zealand.  I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do making them for you!

I also have a suite of facilitated, hands-on workshops which run here in Christchurch. The range includes options for children’s parties. More information is available in the menu above, under ‘Shop’

Finally, but certainly not least, I am passionate about eco-ethical choices in consumption.

For those outside of Aotearoa, New Zealand is home to the indigenous, beautiful (ātaahua) Māori.  In the Māori world view, land gives birth to all things, including humankind, and provides the physical and spiritual basis for life. Papatūānuku (the land) is a powerful mother earth figure who provides many blessings.

HWC has a small selection of products, including some items made by me as well as out-sourced high quality items to reduce your footprint on our beautiful Papatūānuku.

Ngā mihi mahana (warmest regards),


The Logo

HWC’s logo has a number of important elements to represent the brand:

  • the profile of a woman represents both feminine energy and intuition;
  • the colours represent the earth and environment;
  • the positioning of the leaves / bud represent both the botanical focus of my work and ‘blossoming’ plant knowledge;
  • The circle and hand represent the essence of all the above being ‘Handled With Care’.


Ethnobotany is the study of how humans interact with, and use plants. It is a fascinating journey, ranging from the more obvious (we grow and eat plants) to a more obscure angle (which plants are best to start fires, or which produce the soot for indigenous tattooing). Whilst I am enjoying the journey of understanding ethnobotany from around the world, I am deeply appreciative of the use of plants found in my own backyard.

In New Zealand, we have a range of beautiful native plants that have been used by the indigenous Māori for hundreds of years and in later times, European settlers.

Blog & Vlog

There will be regular ‘takeaway snippets’ posted – a focus on a plant, a product or an issue close to HWC’s vision.