Beautiful borage

One of my favourite herbs to use in Summer is borage. 

This gorgeous plant, also known as ‘starflower’ is officially known as 
Borago officinalis. This annual self-seeds and so pops up in a few key spots in my garden regularly. 

What I particularly love about this plant, apart from the azure-blue dainty flowers, is how good it tastes! Pick the flowers and enjoy half a dozen to provide a cucumber-like taste. They add a certain level of wow to your green salads, too.  The leaves and stalks are edible also, however they are a little furry so I tend to leave them. They are a firm favourite for our wonderful wee helpers, the bees, so encourage extra flowering by picking some of the plant’s offerings.

Eating borage flowers and leaves to enjoy the phytochemical benefits, including protection of liver cells from oxidation (hepatoprotective activity)*. Why not pick a handful of fresh flowers and place them in ice cube trays, fill with water, freeze and enjoy in your summer drinks!

They are also great for companion gardening, offering support for your tomato plants, as it is supposed to deter tomato hornworms and improve their flavour.

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