Koral using a charcoal face mask
Koral using a charcoal face mask

Kia ora!

I’m Koral – artisan, facilitator and owner of Handled With Care.

I’m passionate about many things in life: on a larger scale, it’s about family, connection, community, holistic health, books, creative avenues, optimism, eco-friendly living and perpetual learning. Oh, and great coffee!

Handled With Care is passionate about many things too: our environment, reducing toxic load, self-sufficiency and teaching. There is a particular angle towards people and botanicals, including how we use plants (ethnobotany).

My vision is for people to develop a greater connection to plants and be more confident in using them in all aspects of their life, through leaning and experiencing their benefits.

As a facilitator, ‘knowledge transfer’ is important to me. I offer this via a number of mediums, including facilitated workshops in Christchurch for a hands-on, fun, informative platform to learn a new skill. In the Menu, you can find out about upcoming workshops and you can check out my where I love to share short-and-snappy ‘takeaway’ learnings on a variety of botanicals, products and processes that support holistic health.

When you choose natural health options, you choose to celebrate the wisdom discovered generations before us and celebrating the power of plants.

I truly look forward to connecting with you.



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